Natur erleben

In a way, it is absurd to recommend doing anything other than enjoying the great outdoors on this peninsula, which allows you to admire Mother Nature's beauty and power like hardly any other part of the world. With my love of Germany's forests, I sometimes miss the enclosed atmosphere of woodland when I am here, surrounded by the endlessness of the Atlantic. Anyone who feels the same way should visit Huelgoat forest or the woods in Cranou. Various circular routes in Huelgoat allow you to follow in King Arthur's footsteps.


Cap Sizun is an absolute must for ornithologists. Here, you can watch lots of bird species on the rocky outcrops offshore from the marked little paths. Make sure you take a pair of binoculars! You can combine this excursion with a trip to the Pointe du Van or the Pointe du Raz, Brittany's most westerly point and one of the most dangerous shipping passages. It is incredibly impressive, especially in early spring or winter when violent storms are raging. You can be fairly sure that you will have the clifftop more or less to yourself at this time of year.


The best place to enjoy the expansive landscape is Finistère's extinct volcano Ménez-Hom or Roc'h Trévezel in the Monts d'Arrée.